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Wherever wall mounted toilets are used…

Toilet Jack is the best solution for adding strength and stability to wall mounted toilets. The Toilet Jack is a simple to install device that stabilizes and safely increases the weight capacity of a wall mounted toilet.

EASY INSTALLATION                    MADE IN THE U.S.A.                    LATEX FREE

Only Toilet Jack is made of the highest quality materials.

Stainless Steel won't crack or discolor and is more; durable, stain and chemical resistant, fire resistant, and longer lasting than ABS, PVC or any other type of plastic.

PVC is not allowed in some States Building Codes due to fire safety issues.

Silicone is Latex Free.

Think Green!


A person weighing 180 pounds dropping 2 inches will land with a force of over 360 pounds, exceeding the weight capacity of most manufacturers' wall mounted toilets.

We hear stories regularly of people getting sometimes seriously injured from collapsing toilets.

Please especially consider the safety of our citizens using wheelchairs...that in the process of transferring onto the toilet seat from their wheelchair can drop down the last few inches.

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Toilet stabilizer
"The jack safely increases the weight capacity of a wall-mounted toilet from 300 pounds to 1,000 pounds*". The stainless-steel jack mounts under the toilet bowl, provides a pedestal that works with the existing carrier, redistributes the weight, and reduces vibration and strain to the mounting bolts. Managers can raise the pedestal/leg for cleaning, maintaining the hygienic benefits of a wall-mounted toilet.

Beware of Falling Toilets -

Toilet Jack Prevents Wall-Mounted Toilets From Collapsing

LOS ANGELES, February 2 / -- "The Toilet Jack Company introduces the Toilet Jack, a simple to install device that safely increases the weight capacity of a wall mounted toilet from 300 to 1000 pounds*".

The number of accidents and injuries from falling wall mounted toilets and the following lawsuits, have dramatically risen recently. According to a recent study, there are as many as 35,000 toilet related injuries annually.

Because wall-mounted toilets are cantilevered, there is an enormous amount of constant stress to the mounting bolts. Also because people tend to plop down onto to the toilet, rather than sit down gently, the vibrations also cause the mounting bolts to loosen over time. So you don’t have to be an engineer to figure out what could happen when a person (weighing even close to 300lbs) makes a rapid descent onto to a toilet that has loose mounting bolts.

Toilet Jack mounts under the toilet bowl providing a stainless steel pedestal/leg that works in conjunction with the existing carrier, redistributing the weigh and greatly reducing the strain to the mounting bolts as well as the vibration. The stainless steel pedestal/leg can be easily raised for cleaning access; maintaining the hygienic benefits of a wall-mounted toilet.

Facilities nationwide have installed Toilet Jacks throughout their locations; for a fraction of the money they would have had to spend on new construction or legal representation.

It's better to be safe than vulnerable ... the fact is, there have been numerous incidences of people getting injured from toilets falling off the wall, inventor and President Aitan Levy says. For more information; contact The Toilet Jack Company at

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TOILET JACK - The secure solution for supporting wall mounted toilets...

The Toilet Jack is a simple to install device that safely increases the weight capacity of a wall mounted toilet from 350lbs to 1000lbs*.

Wall mounted toilets are excellent for various reasons including the hygienic and easy cleaning benefits. The problem is that the toilets are cantilevered with all the weight of the toilet, the water in the bowl and the user all being supported by the carrier inside the wall. That is why they have a maximum 300 to 350 pound weight capacity.

The Toilet Jack mounts underneath the toilet bowl working in conjunction with the existing wall carrier creating a type of arch to redistribute the weight and increasing the weight capacity to 1000 pounds.

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